Dubai taxis are 'most wanted' during Gitex Shopper, Indian festive season


By Majorie van Leijen

There are either less taxis or more people needing one, Dubai residents believe.

There never seemed to be too few. Where the metro falls short, the bus does not reach or the motorist does not want to go; the Dubai resident can always rely on the taxi, which is available any time, any place.

You would think. But recently this availability has been put into question. There are either less taxis, or more people needing one,” says Linda Gracier, who takes a taxi every morning to work. “They are not available as they used to be.”

Naseem Bonnouh agrees. As a non-driving resident of the Greens, he is dependent on the taxi, as the nearest metro station is a 20-minute-walk away. “I always take a taxi during the mid-day hours, because of the heat. But it now takes me 20 minutes to find one. I could just as well walk.” More info