Dubai Tram served about nine million commuters from the start of operations back in 2014, up to the end of October this year.

The Dubai Tram will celebrate on Friday, 11th November, its second anniversary amid high performance indicators, compliance to schedules, on-time arrival, high safety standards and the highest customers’ satisfaction and happiness ratings in keeping up with the profile of Dubai at the regional and international levels.

During its first two years of operation, the Dubai Tram has achieved extremely high performance indicators with the on-time arrivals clocking 96.4%, and compliance with the published schedules went as high as 98.1%. During this period, the Tram has made about 176, 000 journeys, and covered about 1.05 million kilometres.

The Dubai Tram is primarily aimed at improving mobility within Dubai city in general and in areas of tourist & economic importance served by the tram in particular. It has also added to the integrated mass transit systems in the Emirate, and provided a smooth & highly efficient transit mode within areas of business and tourist significance in Dubai city. More info