Dubai Tram rules: No mobiles, headphones near tram areas


By Majorie van Leijen

Do not use headphones or mobile phones in the area where Dubai Tram could pass.

This was one of the messages sent out by the Road and Transport Authority (RTA) during the ongoing Gulf Traffic week, when several authorities are organising safety related events.

At first, the warning message may sound a bit surprising. After all, we are used to listening to whatever we like to when roaming or driving in a public area.

However, it is all for the benefit of road users’ safety, said RTA.

“Did you know that Dubai Tram cares about your safety on the road?” tweeted the authority on Monday.

Accordingly, the tram instructor will be able to release instructions not only to tram passengers, but also to surrounding road users, if needed. Through a microphone, it may give instructions to other road users and, more importantly, these instructions are binding.

“Instructions from tram officials must be followed,” read the RTA flyer regarding this subject.

“Don’t use headphones and mobile phones near tram tracks.”

Although it is not clear which instructions would follow from tram officials, these are likely to be in line with the traffic rules that were formed when the testing phase of Dubai Tram commenced. More info

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