Dubai tram test run to continue till November 10


By Lily B. Libo-on

The testing of Dubai Tram, a rail vehicle that will run heavily on tracks along streets spanning 10.6 kilometres from Dubai Marina to Al Sufouh, begins at Zone 1 on January 26.

Tracks being laid of Al Sufouh Tramway from Dubai Marina. - KT photos by Rahul Gajjar
Tracks being laid of Al Sufouh Tramway from Dubai Marina. - KT photos by Rahul Gajjar

The Dubai Tram, which measures 44 meters in length, with fully air-conditioned carriages designed as a combination of luxurious interiors and state-of-the-art technology, will go for testing on January 26 for Zone 1, April 16 for Zone 2 and June 14 for Zone 3 and will continue until November 10. However, during the testing, Dubai Tram will not be open to passengers.

A part of Dubai Government’s effort to provide a modern and integrated public transit system to efficiently serve densely populated areas and new developed areas in the emirate, Dubai Tram will also have allocated spaces for passengers using wheel chairs or mobility aid. “This area is marked with a wheelchair symbol and will have special marked call buttons that allow passengers using wheelchairs or mobility aids extra time to get in and out of the Tram. It will also have access ramps for mobility-impaired passengers, including people in wheelchairs, parents with prams and the elderly,” RTA said.

Designed to be an environment-friendly transportation, the Dubai Tram is expected to be the choice of residents, who will leave their cars at home and take the Tram, to go around Dubai.

It is powered by electricity to reduce the pollution from the daily traffic jams, making it the fastest, more reliable, and eco-friendly way to get around.

RTA said the Dubai Tram has a maximum speed of 50km/hour with a total trip time of 42 minutes and with a capacity of 405 passengers who will be aboard the four cars for the silver class, two cars for women and children, and one car for the gold class. More info