Dubai transport investments deliver $34bn savings

Road mortality rate decreased by nearly 85 per cent between 2006 and 2016

Dubai transport investments deliver $34bn savings

Investments in infrastructure and transport worth $20bn between 2006 and 2016 have enabled the Dubai government to save an estimated $34bn, according to Mattar al-Tayyer, director-general and chairman of the emirate’s Roads & Transport Authority (RTA).

The investments include the construction of new roads and public transport networks such as the Dubai Metro and tram networks, as well as dozens of technology and infrastructure schemes that include a central command and control centre.

The projects have helped to significantly bring down the road mortality rate from 22 per 100,000 of population in 2006 to 3.5 per 100,000 in 2016, Al-Tayyer said at an infrastructure conference being held in Dubai.

Despite these investments, however, the growth in the number of vehicles in the emirate still greatly outstripped the rate of expansion in road networks. Vehicles registered in Dubai grew from 700,000 to 1.7 million, while road networks increased from 8,715 lane-kilometres to 13,594 lane-kilometres during this period.

A more efficient transport system, including the use of automated vehicles, is key to Dubai’s smart city transformation plan.

The RTA has initiated a number of projects in line with the overall objective to convert a quarter of all journeys into driverless journeys by 2030. More info