‘Dubai Travel Pass’ to push Metro use


By Staff  www.emirates247.com

Dubai’s Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) has begun offering Dubai Travel Pass at all Dubai Metro Stations, featuring an integrated pack of vital information and key tools needed by visitors and tourists arriving in Dubai from all over the globe with a view to promoting the actual usage of public transport modes.

Dubai Travel Pass
Dubai Travel Pass

“To encourage tourists, coupons – worth more than Dh1,000 – have been added to Dubai Travel Pass in order to encourage more metro riders to obtain them and benefit from the value adds and offers on shopping ,entertainment dining, sightseeing etc.,” said Dr. Aysha Al Busmait, Director of RTA Marketing & Corporate Communication.

“Dubai Travel Pass contains two Nol cards each worth Dh14, information about the integrated public transport systems, maps, tourist information, things to be observed by tourists, places to visit and other key information such as telephone numbers of emergency, police, embassy and ambulance services among other important entities as well as purchase vouchers and discounted offers from both the RTA and its strategic partners.

“Through rolling out this initiative, RTA aims to facilitate the mobility of tourists within Dubai to make their visit a memorable experience besides; which in turn helps boost the tourist drive in the Emirate.

“The current price of the Dubai Travel Pass is Dh65; which is less than what the tourist normally pays to obtain such information and value adds separately.

“The demand for Terhaal pack is set to pick up and the program is anticipated to be widely popular among tourists arriving in Dubai from different countries particularly in the forthcoming period which will be characterized by a nice weather attractive to tourists to visit the UAE in general and Dubai Emirate in particular,” added Al Busmait in a final remark.