Dubai unveils plan to accommodate 9.5m residents


By Neil Halligan

Dubai Municipality has drawn up plans to expand Dubai so it can accommodate four times as many people, it was revealed on Monday.

2aAssistant director-general Abdullah Rafia told a conference urban planners have completed a blueprint for the city to house 9.5 million people, the National reported. At present, Dubai’s population stands at just 2.1 million.

Rafia said: “We have already designed the urban design for the whole of Dubai. The urban area of Dubai will consist of one-third of the area of the emirate of Dubai and its maximum capacity will hold over 9.5 million people,” according to a report in the National.

Cities across the world, including Dubai, are having to contend with rapid population growth and urbanisation, delegates heard, and Rafia added: “Fortunately, here in Dubai, all of the population is urban. Our urban design needs to be sustainable – to have a design that limits sprawl but considers the impact [of population growth].” More info