Dubai Water Canal: Jumeirah Bridge will change commute this July


By Staff

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is set to complete the opening of the entire Jumeirah Bridge this July as part of Phase II of the Dubai Water Canal project.

Two lanes now open from Jumeirah 3 to Jumeirah 2. (Supplied)
Two lanes now open from Jumeirah 3 to Jumeirah 2. (Supplied)

The bridge comprises three lanes in each direction and rises 8.5 meters above the Canal, thus enabling free navigation around-the-clock.

RTA will open lanes of this bridge in phases.

Two lanes inbound from Jumeirah 3 (south) outbound to Jumeirah 2 (north) have been opened on Saturday, two lanes coming from Jumeirah 2 (north) heading towards Jumeirah 3 (South) will be opened on Friday (July 15th), and all lanes will be in full operation in both directions starting from July 21.

Mattar Al Tayer, Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of RTA, said: “Opening the Jumeirah Bridge, means that RTA has finally accomplished all works in bridges crossing the Dubai Water Canal.

“Works would now focus on digging a sector of the Canal underneath the bridges, building quay walls of the Canal, constructing three footbridges linking the two shores of the Canal at prime locations, and building 10 marine transport stations.

“Works also include landfilling for making a synthetic peninsula along the stretch of Jumeirah Park, which would double the beachside of the Jumeirah Park, increase the area of the Park, and make a room for adding a host of recreational activities. More info