Dubai’s 50 accident hotspots: RTA’s safety strategy in full swing


By Staff

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) last year managed to spot 50 accident-prone locations in Dubai and instituted appropriate remedies as per the Traffic Safety Strategy overseen by RTA Traffic ‘&’ Roads Agency. 

Maitha bin Udai, CEO of Traffic and Roads Agency, said, “The traffic safety strategy mapped out by experts of the Agency is partly based on technical reports and digital statistics of monitoring and following up spots witnessing frequent traffic accidents in Dubai and flagging them as Black Spots that require appropriate remedial measures,” adding that “the Agency attaches utmost concern to the issue of traffic safety.” “A standout city of the calibre of Dubai should have in place top-class safety and traffic engineering standards. Therefore, our traffic safety teams and specialists work around-the-clock to continuously develop and improve roads safety. The RTA has not rested on designing and constructing modern road networks but has also spearheaded many initiatives and road monitoring programmes to ensure the highest levels of road safety, and is constantly working on implementing preventive traffic engineering measures on the road network to prevent the targeted spots from turning into Black Spots,” continued Udai.

“Last year,” she added, “we spotted 50 traffic accident Black Spots, in Dubai, of which 22 were redressed and work is up and running in 23 locations while the remaining 5 locations are currently being re-designed.” She stated that the measures taken by the Agency had contributed significantly to improving the traffic safety at the locations covered by engineering and technical remedies. More info