Dubai’s Aramex adds electric vehicles to fleet

Initial roll-out in Jordan, with more electric vehicles to join fleet in UAE, Egypt and Lebanon

Dubai's Aramex adds electric vehicles to fleet

Dubai-based Aramex said on Sunday it added ten new electric vehicles to its fleet in Amman, Jordan, with plans to roll out more electric vehicles over the next twelve months in the UAE, Egypt, and Lebanon.

“We are committed to reducing CO₂ emissions from our operations by an additional 20% by 2020, over the initial target of 20% of CO₂ reduction we achieved in 2016,” said Raji Hattar, chief sustainability officer at Aramex, in a statement.

“Where regulations and infrastructure allow, we will be looking to introduce electric vehicles to all of the 72 markets in which we operate,” he added.

Aramex recently constructed a 1.2 megawatt solar farm to generate of power for its Amman operations and is currently transforming its Dubai warehouse facility to incorporate 7 megawatt of solar power.

The company said it plans to introduce similar projects to all its facilities, where the regulations permit, in the coming years. More info

By Tahani Karrar