Dubai’s Burj Khalifa to light up with your New Year messages

World's tallest building invites 35-word messages to be displayed on New Year's Eve.


The new year is just over 20 days away and the world is hoping to defeat the Covid-19 pandemic as it rings in 2021.

Do you want to send a message of hope to your loved ones and inspire the world with your words? Well, here is your chance!

The world’s tallest building — the Burj Khalifa — will display select wishes as Dubai welcomes 2021 in its shadow on New Year’s Eve.

“Share with us your wishes to your loved ones for New Year 2021 and get the chance to be featured on #BurjKhalifa! Write your wishes in the comments (limit 35 characters) using #BurjWishes2021. #EMAARNYE2021,” the Burj Khalifa tweeted on Tuesday.

Go on then, compose a 35-word message that can inspire the world. More

By web report