Dubai’s dust busters work round the clock


By Sajila Saseendran

Dubai – Truckoads of sand have been cleared from Dubai’s highways and main streets following stormy conditions that prevailed over three days in the desert city.

The Dubai Municipality’s workers have been toiling hard to clean up the sand accumulated on roads and clear the streets of uprooted trees and boards blown away in the stormy weather over the weekend and till Monday morning.

The waste management department of the municipality extended the working hours of its employees to keep the city clean during the bad weather conditions, a senior official told Khaleej Times.

“We have been working full load … we have almost 2,000 workers working in two shifts around the city,” said the Director of the department, Abdul Majeed Al Saifaie.

He said some of the labourers worked in double shifts. “We also extended the first shift by a couple of hours.”

The department is making use of high-tech equipment and a new fleet of state-of-the-art trucks for collecting sand from the main streets and highways. “We are giving priority to clear highways and main streets so as to facilitate motorists,” said Al Saifaie.

Highways are most prone to sand accumulation due to their close proximity to open sandy areas, said Yaqoob Mohammad Al Ali, head of the specialised cleaning section under the Waste Management Department. More info