How Dubai’s Expo 2020 site will become future smart city

Mohammed Al Hashmi, senior VP, Information and Communication Technology at Expo 2020 outlines technology plans

How Dubai's Expo 2020 site will become future smart city

From tickets to tech-enabled volunteers, to smart food ordering, to dynamic crowd management and everything in between, Expo 2020 Dubai is finding smart solutions that will create one of the most efficient and engaging events in the world.

The “smart site” will deliver a unique and memorable experience for visitors, while also enabling business and raising public awareness of sustainability.

We plan to optimise the visitor’s experience by digitally connecting them with their surrounding environment and enriching their interactions throughout the Expo journey. We will use technology to create awe-inspiring experiences, as well as ensuring a safe and secure environment, whether that’s providing seamless ticketing and access, a painless commute and smooth movement around the site or dynamic information on pavilions, F&B and other Expo destinations.

To achieve this, we are working with several stakeholders, including our Official Premier Partners Accenture, Etisalat, SAP and Siemens. The “smart site” will utilise collaborative technology to help Expo 2020 achieve its ambitions to create the future, connect people and sustain the environment. Together, our ideas are brighter.

We believe visitors will be surprised by the level of automation and digitisation across the Expo 2020 site – even if much of it will not be visible. “Smart site”’ technology should enhance the experience without the visitor being aware of it.

Our job is to ensure that we “future-proof” not only Expo 2020 but also its legacy, District 2020. The goal is for this to be one of the most connected and tech-enabled destinations for working, living and relaxing, so it is critical to our planning today. Here are some of the ways we’re doing it: More

By Mohammed Al Hashmi