Dubai's Metro life: 'Gold' class luxury travel… Myth or Reality?


By Majorie van Leijen

Travelling by Metro takes away the stress of not driving, not searching for a parking space, and no sudden traffic jams.

It is a stress-free mode of traveling, or, is it?

During peak hours finding a place to sit can be difficult, and chances are that you find yourself pressed against some other commuter’s back for the entire trip.

So, there is the Gold Class.

In every train, one compartment has been made available for those who want to sit in comfort, to enjoy the extra leg space, arm and head rest, and a relatively empty cabin.

It comes at a price; a Gold Nol card must be purchased and when checking in, the charge is double the price of a regular Metro ride.

Although the gold card may be used in bus and waterbus for the regular trip, only in Dubai Metro it provides access to the comfort zone.

Every day, hundreds of people find it worth checking in to the privileged class. According to some commuters, the number of Gold class travelers has increased over the years.

Emirates 24|7 asked Metro passengers on the go why their seat is worth ‘gold’. More info