Dubai's rail traffic is almost 'crime-free'


By Staff

The Dubai Police have recorded 18 violations against motor vehicles that entered the course of the Dubai Tram in 2015 topping drivers’ traffic violations, Arabic daily Al Roeya reported on Saturday.

 (AP Photo/Kamran Jebreili)
(AP Photo/Kamran Jebreili)

The police also registered as many as 38,295 violations around the vicinity of the Dubai Tram’s route during the same period.

The report quoted Lt. Colonel Mohamad Al Abbar, Deputy Director of the Transport Security Department of Dubai Police, saying the department managed to rein in crimes in the Dubai Metro and Dubai Tram. He said the crime indicator did not exceed 0.7 crime per a million users of the Dubai rail transport.

Al Abbar said that the Transport Security Department received last year a total of132 criminal reports related to the Dubai Metro and Tram, 62 per cent of which were reports about thefts at the stations, including 82 pick-pocketing cases.

He said the Dubai Metro is being monitored by around 4,952 CCTV cameras, of which 1,338 cameras are installed at the metro’s car parking areas, and 715 surveillance cameras in Dubai Tram. More info