Dubai’s RTA keeps interacting with the initiative of Mohammed bin Rashid Smart Majlis



The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is committed to continuously interact with the initiative of Mohammed bin Rashid Smart Majlis, through addressing ideas, comments and suggestions received from various community members via the Smart Majlis.

1RTA’s commitment in this regard is reflected in the timely reporting of ideas & suggestions received by the RTA from the Majlis to mass media and social media.

Ahmed Mahboub, Director of RTA’s Customer Services said: “The indicator of addressing of ideas and comments received by RTA shows the rate of handling inputs dropping to as low as 3 working days though the target is 10 days This translates into an implementation rate exceeding 90%. We view this record as an achievement underscoring the effective follow-up of ideas & suggestions of RTA’s clients. The internal teams tasked with the follow-up of inputs of the Mohammed bin Rashid Smart Majlis initiative has held 12 meetings from inception, and submitted weekly reports to HE Mattar Al Tayer, Director-General and Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of RTA, including recaps of progress made and the key ideas & comments tackled.

RTA, in this regards, has endorsed a mechanism for honoring owners of creative ideas and certificates of appreciation endorsed by the Board of Executive Directors for those to be honoured by Al Tayer or CEOs. 48 thank-you-letters were sent to those contributing important ideas & suggestions, and RTA is determined to apply these ideas in leveraging its service offering,” he continued.

“Tasks of regular meetings of the Mohammed bin Rashid Smart Majlis included sorting out ideas and comments that bear no relevance to RTA’s job scope and forwarding them to the concerned public authorities, and obviously receiving inputs of relevance to the RTA from other government bodies. The team has to ensure that ideas are not repeated, not received via RTA’s Suggestions System, not part of the RTA’s future projects, and have not been considered before.

This will help us avoid duplication and save time & effort for considering new, innovative and creative ideas. The team is also coordinating with RTA’s Innovation Team about innovative ideas received in a bid to revitalize such efforts, which falls within RTA’s core strategy. The team represents all sectors, agencies and directors of CEOs offices, in addition to the Manager of RTA’s Customer Care Strategy Section.

The RTA has already formed an internal team representing all affiliated agencies and sectors to follow up innovative ideas and improvement comments from the Mohammed bin Rashid Smart Majlis. The establishment of the Team is in response to an Administrative Circular issued by Al Tayer, which requires all organizational units to handle innovative ideas and comments received from the Majlis,” noted Mahboub.