Dubai’s RTA to open Abu Dhabi-bound bridge on Sheikh Zayed Road


By Aarti Nagraj

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has announced that it will open the Abu Dhabi-bound bridge on Sheikh Zayed Road this Friday, July 1, as part of the Dubai Water Canal project.

1aSix lanes of the 800 metre long bridge – which includes eight lanes in total – will be opened as part of the first phase. The remaining two lanes will be open in mid-July 2016.

RTA recently opened the northern bridge on the road from Abu Dhabi to Dubai.

The bridge, which rises 8.5m above the water level, will allow free navigation in the canal.

RTA director general and chairman Mattar Al Tayer said: “By opening the southern bridge, RTA has effectively completed all works listed under phase I of the Dubai Water Canal project.

“This bridge is characterised by a unique design with waterfalls flowing from the top, and smart lighting fixtures controlled via a dedicated app supported by a database for tracking the lighting condition, and sharing information and operational commands.

“A full coverage is provided all over the place enabling RTA to interact with the social media through 3G technology,” he added. More info