eCall system comes to the rescue of motorists in UAE


By Staff

Dubai – In its efforts to achieve the 2021 goal of zero road fatalities, the General Authority for Regulating the Telecommunications Sector (TRA) has decided to implement ‘eCall’ system, which will enable vehicles to call emergency services for help if involved in accidents.

1The mobile networks who were entrusted with the task of conducting an assessment test confirmed that they are eCall ready to serve the residents and nation. This positions the UAE as the first in the region to implement the innovative technology for road safety and reducing the number of deaths in traffic accidents.

Majid Sultan Al Mesmar, TRA Acting Director-General, said: “This is a major milestone for the UAE. It has proven that the infrastructure of the licensed mobile networks is able to accommodate innovative services such as the automatic eCall system. This connects vehicles with the competent authorities in the event of any road accidents. The eCall system is here to save lives, as it reduces the time to alert rescue services due to its location accuracy.”

eCall provides a mechanism for automatically connecting the car to the authorities handling emergency situations. It is an electronic safety system enabling a car to automatically call emergency services in case of an accident. Once the eCall device in the car senses a severe impact during an accident, it automatically initiates an emergency call to the nearest emergency centre and transmits the exact geographic location of the accident scene.

Whether the call is made manually or automatically, there will always be a voice connection between the vehicle and the emergency call centre in addition to the automatic data link. In this way any car occupant capable of answering questions can provide the call centre with additional details of the accident just like a standard emergency call. More info