Eid holidays Dubai Malls


By Staff  www.emirates247.com

“The operational plan set for the event sites in Dubai Mall include using the parking lots in front of the Cinema as well as the parking of the World Trade Center as an option in case the parking of the Dubai Mall are full, provided that directional signage to be provided in place in case of resorting to the latter solution. It also comprises the deployment of buses to lift the public to Dubai Mall, providing pick-up and drop-off points for buses & taxis, and beefing up the numbers of feeder buses shuttling between Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall.

“In the Festival City Centre, the RTA will control the light signals in the area as well as Al Rebat Road in order to ease the traffic flow, and a bus route will be opened to lift passengers from the Center to the Emirates Station as an option in case no taxicabs are available.

“In Deira City Centre, Mall of the Emirates and Marina Mall, the traffic signals will be controlled and monitored in the area and along Al Rebat Road to ease the traffic flow in case of traffic jams; with a view to operating buses to lift passengers to Emirates Station as an option in case no taxis are available.

“In the Creek Park (Water Fun Event), RTA will control the traffic signals on Al Riyadh Road to ease the traffic flow in case of congestions, and provide around 500 additional parking slots at Al-Bom Village in addition to opening a bus route from and to the Entrance of the Park as well as from Oud Metha Station to the Park and vice versa.