Emarat petrol stations run dry in supply shortfall


By Gavin Davids  www.arabianbusiness.com

Petrol pumps at Emarat stations across Dubai have run dry after delivery problems at the company’s depots hit fresh fuel supplies, station managers told Arabian Business.

Dubai MetroAfter three days without supplies, workers said they have been forced to turn motorists away.

Only a few stations have received a limited amount of fuel, one manager said.

“We cannot answer how long it will take [before fresh supplies are delivered]. It depends on how long they take to solve the problems at the supply depots,” he said.

“We’re calling and asking other stations if they have supplies and sending people there.”

It’s the latest in a series of fuel shortages for government-owned Emarat. The company in September blamed logistical and technical failures for supply problems.

Rival gas station operator Enoc said the shortage had put added pressure on its outlets to meet increased demand.

“The only challenge we’re facing is the transportation of the fuel. It’s putting an extra load on the system. There are currently only 47 trucks supplying 170 stations all across Dubai,” said Khalid Hadi, director of brand and corporate communication at Enoc.

“With regards to Enoc and Eppco, there are no issues with supply, the product is available.”

The UAE, the world’s third largest exporter of crude oil, has long subsidised fuel prices in an effort to cut living costs for residents, a move that costs the state hundreds of millions of dollars a year.

Emarat said in January it was restructuring and needed bank loans because it must sell gasoline at below-market prices. Chairman Obaid Humaid Al Tayer said there is a one dirham gap between the cost and selling price of a litre of fuel.