Etisalat sells VIP mobile number for Dh7.8 million


By Staff

Etisalat has auctioned off a ten-digit VIP number 050 777 7777 for a staggering Dh7,877,777, of which Dh7,440,777 went towards charity.

The live auction, that took place across Abu Dhabi and Dubai, saw the Diamond Plus mobile number as the clear favourite among bidders, and sold for six times compared to what the runner-up — 050 777 7770 — fetched.

With 70 of Etisalat’s most exclusive number packages up for grabs at the auction, the top ten numbers alone made a hefty Dh13,852,777.

The number 050 777 7777 had a bidding price of Dh437,000, which was kept by the company after the number was auctioned, while the remaining was given away. More info