eWallet makes payment easy for business


Source:  www.rta.ae

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has made doing business even easier for corporate Dubai with the deployment of its latest Online service, called RTA eWallet Service. The new service is specifically designed to facilitate the use by businesses who transact vehicle registration, other related-Licensing Agency services and nol card services.

“A company establishes RTA eWallet account online with the RTA. This is a debit account within the nol website (www.nol.ae) that a company can load any value into. The company can then choose to use the value in their account to pay for RTA’s services. In the long term, companies will be able to use the account to pay for any RTA’s service, but for now the account can only be used to pay for the Licensing Agency services such as renewing the company’s vehicles registrations, according to Abdulla Ali Al Madani, RTA’s CEO, Corporate Technical Support Services Sector.

For his part, Ahmed Bahrozian, RTA’s CEO, Licensing Agency said: “the RTA eWallet provides corporate Dubai with a new secure payment mode to replace cash. The Licensing Agency also provides an extensive range of vehicles registration services to corporate Dubai through its online services channel. The eWallet can be used for all Online services such as vehicle registration renewals and other driver and vehicle services.”

“The RTA eWallet service is a fast, secure, not cost service for companies. The funds are transferred at the time of the transactions so as are always right. The new service also comes with a range of transactions and financial reporting so companies can better track their expenditure, added Bahrozian.

The RTA eWallet service allows companies to top-up their account Online when the balance becomes low. The first major user of the RTA eWallet service is the Avis Car Rental Company, with other major vehicle fleet owners soon to follow.

The Licensing Agency encourages companies to use the Online and eWallet services for most transactions. Using the eWallet service and transacting Online is the fastest way to improve business efficiently and reduce business costs. More info