Exhibit of rare species opens at Deira City Centre


By Derek Baldwin, Chief Reporter  www.gulfnews.com

Dubai. A public exhibit by the Dubai Customs to make people aware of endangered wild animals has been moved from Mirdif City Centre to Deira City Centre.

The exhibit opened on Tuesday morning on the first level near the Dubai Metro entrance. It features a wide array of stuffed exotic animals known to be illegally shipped into the UAE despite laws banning the importation of endangered species.

Large square glass exhibits feature everything from alligators and gazelles to bears and rare birds to inform the public that every animal taken is one less in the environment and contributes to the decline of the species.

Pamphlets distributed

Pamphlets are also being handed out to discourage shoppers from buying products that contain rare animal skins.

Ahmad Mahboob Musabah, executive director of the Customer Management Division at Dubai Customs, told Gulf News at the outset of the campaign in May that illegal traders are being stopped at Dubai borders.

“Last year, we stopped about 120 animals and plants from entering Dubai,” Musabah said. “Some were falcons, turtles and skins of other animals. We also blocked shipments of oud.”

Musabah said that the more the public are aware of the problem, the more likely smugglers are to be found out. More info