Expo 2020 an exciting opportunity for Dubai start-ups


By Benjamin Hallen  www.thenational.ae

As Dubai prepares to host the World Expo in 2020 and the economy continues on its growth path, the role of entrepreneurship is becoming increasingly important in the UAE.

Expected to draw 25 million visitors during its six-month course, the Expo will promote Dubai’s status as a truly global city with world-class infrastructure and a hub for global business.

As the past shows, a successful Expo can have a significant impact on the host city’s economy.

It has the potential to exhibit a nation’s strengths and talents on a global stage. A prime example is the Shanghai Expo in 2010. Held under the theme of Better City, Better Life, it was attended by a record 73 million people and promoted Shanghai as a thriving, global city.

The event not only showcased China’s economic success, it also encouraged new and long-lasting infrastructure projects that are still benefiting the nation. More info

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