Exporting vehicle from Dubai? RTA reveals most important link


By WAM  www.emirates247.com

The Roads and Transport Authority, RTA, has called on customers in need of vehicle export certificates to ensure that such certificates bear an electronic link pertaining to the original owner, in order to avoid any responsibilities hampering their relevant transactions at border posts.

Mohammed Abdul Kareem Nimaat, Director of Vehicles Licensing at the RTA Licensing Agency, said, “The RTA has recently launched its paper certificates service bearing an electronic link for export to ensure that certificates are true when used at the border points.

“The move comes as part of RTA’s efforts to thwart any fraudulent attempts in official documents relating to vehicles.

“This procedure is intended to protect customers in need of such certificates from being forged whether intentionally or inadvertently.

“Such a practice renders the owner liable to some legal issues.

“Coordination has been made with officials of border posts to ensure that an e-link is printed on the certificate. “This link provides instant information about the first owner of the vehicle, and also describes how the vehicle’s ownership had come to the applicant. More info