Facelift set for Medina with new metro system


By Staff  http://www.ameinfo.com

Plans have been established for a comprehensive redevelopment of the Saudi Arabian city, Medina. A number of project have been unveiled, including a metro system in order to meet the requirements of the city’s growing population and visitors.

Discussions regarding public transport developments took place between the local government’s Prince Faisal bin Salman and Finance Minister, Ibrahim Al-Assaf, along with Medina Development Authority’s council members, Arab News has reported.

“The governor has instructed to complete the project study quickly in order to present it to higher authorities for approval. The transport project is an important component of a comprehensive development plan for Medina. It will be carried out in phases following the international standards,” a senior official said.

Aside from the metro, the transport network will include new bus services, parking facilities, fuel stations, maintenance centres and what is being reported as ‘smart systems’. The idea is to provide better access to the Haramain Railway between Mecca and Medina. More info