Five must-see attractions in Dubai Garden Glow

Take your family on an adventure in the park

Five must-see attractions in Dubai Garden Glow

Packing lunches, making sure everyone is on time, ensuring everyone has their pants on, knowing where you’re all headed, dealing with tears, breaking up fights – being a parent in your own house can be difficult.

However, there is a way to make things easier, much easier. Take your family on an adventure in the park.

Dubai Garden Glow can trigger those happy hormones, for starters, the bright lights and colors can increase energy levels and boost happiness. Maybe it’s just the ambience – who can resist smiling as you see the entire park light up? The park open its door at 4pm, it’s the perfect way to get the little ones running around and build up to the light show that starts at sunset.

#5 The Dinosaur Park

Over 100 animatronic dinosaurs are present in this park. The dinosaurs are quite life-like, which might make it a good idea to visit while the sun is up. You can get your little ones all riled up with dinosaur petting and rides. There are interesting facts along the path and plenty of photo moments.

#4 Underwater Wonderland

One of the best kept secrets of our world is under the sea – Dubai Garden Glow’s recreation of the wonders under the sea will enthrall your family. As visually delighting, it is quite enchanting and magical for adults as well. Just have a look at these images:

#3 Magical Nights

Giant colorful lanterns, illuminated animal sculptures, landscapes, and unlimited creativity – this place lives up to its name and surely makes the walk in the park a bit more magical.

#2 My Dubai

#MyDubai – the popular hashtag for life in Dubai inspired this section with its very own vibrant art installation. Definitely one of the most photographed, Dubai Garden Glow pays a beautiful tribute.

#1 Ice Park

Dubai Garden Glow’s coolest hangout spot. The entire ice park has been designed around the theme of global warming. An array of unique, illuminated ice, and snow sculptures stand at -7 to -8 degree – it’s definitely a chill experience!

Tickets to Dubai Garden Glow costs Dh60 per head. Children under three go free. Entry fee to the Ice Park is Dh40. For more details, visit