French co plans to bring Dubai touch to Metro


By Sridhar Kumaraswami

The leading French technology firm Thales is looking to replicate its success with the Dubai Metro in Hyderabad, which is planning a modern metro system.

Dubai Metro
Dubai Metro

Thales, which provides India with the crucial defence technology, is now offering its expertise in civilian technology, inclu-ding signalling, telecommunications and ticketing, for the Hyderabad Metro project.

The French multi-national is locked in a key contest with several other global firms and offering Hyderabad the technology to operate unmanned automated trains. Hyderabad is planning three Metro lines, totaling about 71 km.

Top officials of the Dubai Metro rail said the “tried and tested” French technology had helped ensure smooth operations in the metro in the Emirate that saw the introduction of two metro lines in 2009 and 2011.

Mr Eric Lenseigne, managing director and country director of Thales in India, says the sophisticated signalling technology will ensure adequate separation between any two automated metro trains.

The telecommunication systems will enable communication between the automated trains and the control centre, while the ticketing and fare-collection technology will include vending machines and the software for it. The technology for fully automated trains is expected to be offered to the Delhi Metro as well for future projects. More info