Get Nol refunds through parking machines in Dubai



Dubai: Commuters can now get back their Nol funds deducted accidentally on Dubai Metro and bus trips through a simple tap on parking machines.

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has come up with a novel and convenient method to pay back commuters what is rightfully theirs.

“We receive a few complaints from commuters that the machines on buses sometimes charge them extra due to technical errors, so we have devised this simple process to give them their money back,” said Adel Shakeri, Director of Transportation Systems at the RTA’s Public Transport Agency.

The system will save people the hassle of going all the way to customer service centres to get their balance back.

“Whenever a commuter realises that he has been charged more than the usual fare for the trip, he can call the RTA on 800 9090 and register his complaint. The RTA will investigate and if the complaint is valid than the system will be updated enabling the commuter to get his balance back,” said Shakeri.

Detailing the process further he said: “A short trip [3km] on the bus or Metro costs Dh1.80 and if the commuter realises that the trip has cost him more than that then he should immediately call the RTA.”

Once the RTA verifies the information and the system is updated customers will be informed through SMS or a phone call and refunds can be given through any of the 3,400 parking machines in Dubai. More info