Gingerbread Burj Khalifa welcomes Dubai airport visitors

More than 30,000 gingerbread panels and a team of engineers were used to create the 14-metre structure

Gingerbread Burj Khalifa welcomes Dubai airport visitors

A supersized gingerbread house made in the vision of the Burj Khalifa greets visitors in Dubai International Airport’s terminal 3.

Six engineers joined the Address Dubai Marina’s executive chef Avinash Mohan to create the 14-metre high structure, which took 432 hours to complete, or the equivalent of working around-the-clock for 18 straight days.

Decorated with gift boxes and lights, the Ginger Burj is some feat. Here’s the foodie facts that went into its construction:

  • 30,000 gingerbread panels
  • 180 kilograms of flour
  • 1,600 kg of icing sugar
  • 216 litres of honey
  • 23 kg of ginger powder

“The festive decorations also include four gingerbread chalets around the replica of Burj Khalifa and retail stands to purchase last-minute festive treats for family members and friends, packaged in travel-friendly gift boxes and bags,” the hotelier said. More info

Ginger Burj