Going the Metro way


Source:  www.khaleejtimes.com

Gradually life is going the Metro way in Dubai. It seems more and more people now prefer to travel by train, leaving their cars home. It not only saves them the ordeal of traffic snarls, but is a source of convenience as well.

12 vThe opening of several new Metro stations has increased their accessibility, more feeder buses adding to it. This is why authorities believe with the new facilities at work the number of people taking Metro is likely to increase from 50 to 75 per cent. This success story will, doubtlessly, go a long way in contributing to the environmental friendliness of the emirate.

It is a good sign that authorities are planning to broaden the fleet and infrastructure for public transport.

Dubai, which already boasts world-class roads and infrastructure, has the potential of encouraging more and more people to make use of public transport. Provision of healthier, speedier and frequently available travelling options such as buses and trains can make the difference.

Inevitably, it will come as a boom to the economy, as people will be relieved of the psychological stress and strain of commutating, providing them with peace of mind at work. Moreover, initiatives like the one recently launched by the Dubai Municipality to observe a car-free day can further the objective of awareness among the masses for mass public transportation.

Presently, Metro’s Red Line, which shuttles the workforce from either end of Dubai, is serving as the city’s lifeline. The massive investment that has come its way from the government is intended at building an environment friendly and hassle free module of commuting. It needs to be appreciated that there hasn’t been any let up even amid the tides of recession.

This commitment speaks volumes of the vision at work. Opening of all the 29 stations by year-end on the Red Line will come as a shot in the arm for public transportation in the emirate. One hopes similar Metro ventures, especially the one under consideration between Sharjah and Dubai, will set
the ball rolling.