'Green Line will help cut 17% daily trips'


By Staff  www.emirates247.com

Dubai Metro will absorb approximately 17 per cent of daily trips in the emirate with the opening of the Green line that extends along 23km, according to Mattar Al Tayer, Chairman of the Board and Executive Director of RTA.

Dubai metro
Dubai metro

“There are 44 trains currently operating on the Red Line,” Al Tayer was quoted as saying by ‘Al Khaleej’ newspaper.

The RTA will allocate 25 trains on the Green Line, which would enable the transportation of more than 230,000 passengers a day.

Al Tayer said it is now “under way to place the metro trains for the second phase of the experimental technical operation of the Green Line which is called ‘test animation’.”

He added “this test will be running without passengers, where this phase includes testing on multiple systems during the course of the train, which includes testing the motors systems brakes, and load tests.

“As well the tests include the electric systems, and tests of electromagnetic compatibility, tests of the automation systems of the train, and communications systems, as well as speed test” Al Tayer stressed.

He pointed out “the inauguration of 16 stations out of 18 located on the Green Line will be in September next, after the RTA postponed the opening of Al Jadaf and Al Khour stations.

He said “the delay of inaugurating the two stations of Al Jadaf and Al Khour was due to incomplete implementation of the real estate projects served by two stations, and the lack of passengers who can use them at the present time.”

He said: “16 stations on the Green Line will be opening by next September, the stations (Etisalat), which is located in Al Qusais area, close to Emirates Road, and (Qusais station) near the building of the Ministry of Education, and (the station of the Airport Free Zone, Dubai), which serves the Dubai International airport.

In addition to (Al Nahda station), which is located near the building of the Ministry of Public Works, and (station of Al Ahly club) near Al-Ahly stadium, and (the Dubai police G. headquarter) on Union Street near the General Headquarters of Dubai Police, and (Buhail station) and (Abu Bakr El Sadeek station ), which is located near the Muraqabat police station.

Also stations of (Salahudin) and (Bani Yas), and (Palm) Nakhlat-Deira), and (Al Ras) and (Ghubaiba), and (Fahidi), which serves an area with high commercial -density with many shops, hotels and banks.

He pointed out “it will also be opening the stations of (Oud Metha’a) near Al Nasr Club, and (The Dubai Healthcare City Station) which is the last station will be run on the Green Line in the first phase.

He explained “this station will serve the hospitals in Dubai Healthcare City, and Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa), Wafi Mall, hotels near the station.”

He emphasised “the time table of running the Green Line, will be the same dates run the red line, pointing out that the RTA will run 13 trains at peak hours morning and evening, and ten trains in regular hours.

The Dubai Metro a major contributor to the recovery of economic activity in the emirate through the enhanced value of land and real estate in the vicinity of metro stations and along the path said Al Tayer.

He added “it also contributed to the increase of the competitive strength of Dubai in the organisation of international events such as conferences, sporting events, as well as the development of income through the activities of advertising, branding, and rental locations in the stations. He added Metro offers good opportunities for citizens as local expertise is utilised in the planning, design, implementation and operation of rail projects in the region.