Guide to top malls in Dubai: Best experience, ease of parking…


By Staff

Dubai Mall has the best mall shopper experience in Dubai and Deira City Centre is the most frequently visited mall, according to a new YouGov study.

2The research conducted amongst more than 500 people living in Dubai asked respondents to rate their mall experiences across nine different categories including; shopping, entertainment for children, entertainment for adults, family-friendliness, restaurants, layout and design, promotions, parking and supermarkets.

The largest mall in the world – Dubai Mall – received the best ratings, with 1 in 5 respondents (over 20 per cent) claiming their experience at Dubai Mall was the best across seven of the nine categories based on their visits over the last 12 months.

What impresses us the most in a mall?

Dubai residents aren’t easy to please, but they were most impressed with the Dubai Mall’s entertainment options for children, with 36 per cent rating it the best.

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