Harnessing a new era for digital marketing ahead of the World Expo 2020 in Dubai


Source:  www.zawya.com

Following the announcement of Dubai’s World Expo 2020 win, global search engines and social media channels registered an unprecedented surge in Dubai-related keyword searches. Twitter’s #UAE and #DubaiExpo2020 were trending with unparalleled momentum. This surge heralds a new era for the local digital industry and opens up exceptional opportunities to monetise on the interest.

The figures say it all. Gartner Group projected that “The Internet of Things” or internet activities will contribute up to USD 19.1 trillion to the global economy and more than 30 billion mobile devices will be connected by 2020. According to Standard Chartered Bank, Dubai’s World Expo is expected to yield at least USD 23 billion dollars in revenue, a 5.5% GDP growth and the creation of 277,000 jobs.

Digital competitiveness has become a key factor in the race for economic leadership. Internet technologies, mobile devices, m-commerce, e-commerce, online presence, content marketing, social media, cloud-computing and new digital trends have transformed product/services delivery, import/export balance, costs/profits ratios and productivity/resource management. More info