Heart of Europe in Dubai: Streets with snow on The World


By Parag Deulgaonkar  www.emirates247.com

A mega project on The World, Dubai, will have “snow- lined streets,” Emirates 24|7 can reveal.

An artist's impression of the Heart of Europe. (Supplied)
An artist's impression of the Heart of Europe. (Supplied)

“This will be an exciting part [the world’s first ‘rain and snow’ lined streets] of the development and we’ll be using state-of-the-art German technology to make it happen,” a  spokesperson for Kleindienst Group, the developer of The Heart of Europe, confirms to this website.

“Construction is only just starting and will continue until end of 2016. Vibro-compaction of all six islands is the first step in the construction process, preparing them for buildings to be erected,” he said.

The project will offer visitors many five star luxury plaza boutique hotels with a vast array of dining and nightlife options with the “only outdoor climate controlled areas in the world”.

Visitors will also have the choice of unique floating homes. No further details were shared by the company.

Besides, as part of the Mont Royal Family Hotel, there will be several slides and lazy rivers on display amongst other attractions. A large floating bridge links the islands of Monaco, Switzerland and St Petersburg to the main island of Europe.

The lagoon bridges will also enclose the world’s largest open aquarium, a natural pool of saltwater that is home to coral reefs and hundreds of species of underwater creatures.

Asked about the villa prices, the spokesperson said: “We have a had a lot of interest in the project and the concept villas. More info

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