Here the Dubai metro map to discuss



For Dubai friends, I have a lot of questions.

1. The first line, thre red line, is complete for the whole route? Are there any other extension planned?

2. Do you confirm, second line, green line, is going to open next summer? And on map are drawn the extension to International City and Academic city also?

3. After the two lines, will be realized the purple or the blue line? Is the purple an high speed line? What does mean high speed for a metro line?

4. At the end and at the beginning of blue and purple line, the two lines have the same route so will be shared the tunnel?

5. Is the black line the tram line? Does works are stopped again? Do you confirm the end of works in 2012?

6. What is the status of plan regards the yellow lines, the monarails to the palms? Do you can say me when works are planned? So, are three monorails, correct?

7. Do you think, seeing the lack of money in Dubai, that Dubai, could host the Olympic games in 2020? Are going or are stopped works for sport city?

Thanks in advantage for answering to my questions.