Icelandic volcano shifts Bollywood film shoot from Europe to Dubai Metro


By Suryapata Bhattacharya

The actor Salman Khan arrived in Dubai last week to shoot scenes for his forthcoming film Dabanng because the fall-out from the ash of an Icelandic volcano prevented him from reaching Europe.

5 vThe production team was forced to reschedule plans to shoot in Switzerland, turning instead to Dubai.

One of the song sequences for the film will be shot on the Dubai Metro. The romantic interlude will include Salman serenading Sonakshi Sinha, a starlet and the daughter of Shatrughan Sinha, an actor in the 1980s who is now an Indian politician. This is Sinha’s debut film.


Khan’s brother Arbaaz is producing the film. It will be first production venture under his newly launched company Arbaaz Khan Productions.

Arbaaz recently tweeted about the change of location for the song-sequence: “We will now shoot the same song in Dubai after changing the concept a bit. It is a honeymoon song so an outdoor location is important.”

After deliberating over whether to wait for Eyjafjallajökull to stop spewing ash, Arbaaz decided to move locations rather than sacrifice days from his brother’s schedule. Bollywood actors usually work on four to five films a year, many of them involving multiple locations. Khan starred in four films last year. Veer, a period drama was released earlier this year. He has another release set for the summer, followed by Dabanng before the end of the year.


Suryapata Bhattacharya