Initiative to groom professional reporters



The editorial family of Al Masar Magazine, published by the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA), has rolled out an initiative intended to diffuse the informational awareness among RTA employees, train them to acquire the skills of writing press reports, instill and promote the media sense in their conscience, and empower them to perceive and judge the importance of information that warrant promotion and publication in the media.

The General Supervisor of Al Masar Magazine Dr. Aysha Al Busmait said: “The initiative aims at embedding technical writing skills in the affiliated individuals and develop the abilities of writing about activities and media events through exposing them to a series of training workshops run by the Editorial family of Al Masar Magazine, who have extensive experience in both media and training.

It also seeks to assist those who have writing talents to develop and polish their talents and inculcate them with the skills needed to produce credible, acceptable and grammatically sound reports, and empower them to express themselves in a proper and explicit manner. Before that, the initiative and associated training sessions aim at empowering inductees to compile press reports of their respective Departments and Agencies. For this end, the Editorial Board of Al Masar Magazine has extended invitations to all RTA agencies and sectors to have ambassadors to the Magazine”.

“In the first workshop of training sessions the Ambassadors of Al Masar were briefed on the key standards applicable to the “source of information” which impact the level of news published in newspapers.

These include internal standards set for each media entity, and standards set for the source; namely: the importance of the press news to the community, the social status of the news source in the community, the profile of the involved personality or speaker, size of the press report and variety of information contained, wording and narration of the press release, despatching the news report to the newspaper early in the day, interesting & social information contained, intensity of news reports sent giving the source higher chances of appearance, friendly relations with the source, designated day for publishing the press report (during the week or events), supporting images, and the way the headline is written,” said Dr. Aysha Al Busmait.