Insights on Public Transport in The UAE and KSA



Despite on going plans to develop Dubai’s public transport, just how well used are the country’s buses, water buses and metro? YouGov and Kipp put you in the know!

November 1st marks the launch of “Together we move,” the RTA’s second Free Public Transport day. As its name suggests, the campaign ensures commuters free rides on the metro, public buses and water bus-whatever your little heart desires, as long as you have a NOL card you are good to go. So how many will be actually capitalizing on this day of celebration?

Well, if our survey results from YouGov are anything to go by, not too many! When we set out to find out how the majority of people travel on a daily basis we found out that while 89 percent said they used a car only 3 percent said they used the metro.

Trying to identify the reasons behind these statistics is bit difficult? Is this is a question of convenience or prestige? If it is the latter, and the cynic in Kipp can’t help think it has something to do with it, does it make any sense that Dubai has plans to blow off an insane amount of money on a shiny new tram system? More info