Italian luxury cashmere brand Cruciani opens its first boutique in the Middle East at The Dubai Mall



Renowned Italian luxury cashmere brand Cruciani has made its debut in the region with the launch of the first Cruciani C boutique in the Dubai Mall.

The brand became popular for its multi-colored quadrifoglio or “four leaf clover” bracelets whereby each leaf symbolizes a particular quality such as reputation, wealth, health and true love.

Cruciani celebrated its launch in Dubai with a glamorous party held at Mo*vida, one of Dubai’s most exclusive nightclubs, and where guests were spotted sporting the charming bracelets as they mingled throughout the evening.

The quadrifoglio bracelets are available in a range of 30 colors and carry the message that luck will come to those who give and receive the bracelet as a gift. Other Cruciani designs include the Pirate and Chiave e Lucchetto or “key and lock”, which symbolizes love with its lock and key design. More info