James Kingston climbs world's tallest residential tower in Dubai


By Matt Fortune  www.arabianbusiness.com

Urban freeclimber James Kingston has posted a new video showing him reaching new heights, literally, at the top of the tallest residential building in the world.

James Kingston Marina 101
James Kingston Marina 101

Marina 101, which towers over Dubai Marina near Torch Tower and Media City, is not yet completed, allowing the Brit to use cranes to reach the very summit.

Officially the building stands at 426m, though the highest point while it is under construction is thought to be more than 450m.

The six-minute video is one of almost 40 on Kingston’s own YouTube channel.

The site features the ‘adventurer and YouTuber’ all over the world, including walking over Wembley and the famous arch, exploring the Sepulveda Dam, climbing abandoned ski lifts and the Alps, and previous death-defying acts in Dubai. More info and photos