Japan's Maglev Train Sets Speed Record by Going 603km/h


    By Ameya Naik  auto.ndtv.com

    At a time when the Indian government is considering bringing bullet trains into the country; which will have a top speed of 350km/h, Japan is redefining the way people travel by train.

    The country, which is known for its prowess in high-speed rail travel, set a world record all thanks to its state-of-the-art maglev train.

    The record saw the maglev – short for magnetic levitation – cross the 600km/h mark on a test run in Yamanashi Prefecture just outside of Tokyo. This comes just days after it broke its previous 12-year-old record of 581km/h by going 590km/h.

    The train was carrying 49 Central Japan Railway employees who were quite happy with the ride quality as it zipped past the 600km/h mark and managed to stay at that speed for nearly 11 seconds. The maglev is different from Japan’s shinkansen bullet train service. Not only is the maglev faster but it doesn’t travel on the track. More info