Let’s Get To Work: Dubai’s mobility efforts require changing people’s mindsets


Source:  www.zawya.com

Dubai: As urban populations rapidly increase over the years, the ultimate battle for space and mobility — if left unchecked — could spell doom for the public and the economy.

Dubai can avoid this by adopting a two-pronged approach for its Mobility concerns: by sticking to its strategic plans of making public transportation accessible and also, by successfully convincing people to ditch their cars, an expert said.

“Dubai is one of the fastest growing cities in the world. In terms of quality of road infrastructure, Dubai stands at a top rank in the world. Even the public transportation arrangements are of world-class quality,” Dr Arun Bajracharya, Assistant Professor, Faculty Business, The British University in Dubai, told Gulf News.

“However, one of the main concerns in the context of road transportation in Dubai is the extent of availability and accessibility of public transportation for the large mass of public. Besides that, the excessive ridership of private cars is also a matter of concern,” he added.

Dr Bajracharya, who has done extensive research on transport systems in the UAE and the behaviour of commuters, said nine out of 10 motorised trips (or almost 90 per cent) made in Dubai use private cars, quoting a Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) study. More info