Licensing Agency heeds to Vendors feedback



The Licensing Agency, The Roads & Transport Authority (RTA), views its vendors as strategic partners and therefore heeds to their views and suggestions in matters related to rolling out new services or upgrading the existing ones in keeping with customer needs and expectations, said Ahmed Hashim Bahrozyan, CEO of RTA Licensing Agency, in a statement made in the gathering recently held at the new premises of the RTA, Al Garhoud with its suppliers spanning several service and business sectors with the aim of broadening the scope of joint cooperation, furthering bilateral relations, and opening new communication channels between the two parties.

“I offer you my sincere thanks and appreciation for standing ready to lend support to RTA efforts in sorting out solutions and developing programs capable of bolstering public transport network in Dubai Emirate and boosting the integration of this key sector through offering a number of strategic initiatives which we all hope to succeed in realizing their objectives and adding to the impressive record of achievements of Dubai in all fields, even under the grueling economic conditions currently engulfing the whole universe,” said Bahrozyan.

He continued: “Such gatherings offer splendid opportunities to confer with vendors, and at the same time are considered a great opportunity for vendors themselves to meet and socialize. Besides that they prompt us to act in a team spirit in diagnosing business obstacles, review the difficulties encountered & how to overcome them, boost the existing strategic partnerships, and seek to achieve our joint objectives in a satisfactory manner to all parties”.

Bahrozyan praised the deeply rooted bilateral relations linking Licensing Agency with its strategic stakeholders and commended the importance of these bonds in broadening the range of services offered by the Agency to its customers across Dubai in keeping with the reputed stature of Dubai as a premier economic hub in the region and a point of attraction to investors and business leaders from the world over.

For their part the vendors hailed the continued efforts of the Licensing Agency and praised the facilities offered to suppliers at various centers. The attendants made some comments on issues related to the business conduct between the two parties and how to improve and upgrade these issues.

The gathering was attended from the RTA by Abdullah Al Madani, CEO of RTA Corporate Support Services Sector; Hashim Al Hashemi, Acting Director of Contracts & Purchasing; and Salah Al Naqi, Manager of Vendors Section, Contracts & Purchasing Dep’t; in addition to several RTA officials.