Licensing Agency meets commercial transport companies



Commercial Transport Activities Dep’t, Licensing Agency of the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA), has recently held a meeting at RTA Head Office with representatives of car & bus rental companies listed under Commercial Transport Activities Category overseen by Licensing Agency, with the aim of heeding to their feedbacks and suggestions on ways & means of broadening the scope of joint cooperation, boosting bilateral relations and opening up new communication channels between the two parties.

In a speech delivered on the event, the Acting Director of Commercial Transport Activities, Licensing Agency Hussain Ali Al Saffar, praised the sound bilateral relations linking the Agency with its strategic partners, including car and bus rental companies, and stressed the importance of these relationships in broadening and improving the range of services rendered by the Agency, as well as these companies, to all spectrums of the Dubai community in a way befitting the high profile of the Emirate which is shaping into a regional economic hub and a point of attraction to investors and business leaders from all over the world.

“I would like to express my thanks and appreciation to your for attending this gathering and your unwavering support to RTA efforts towards figuring out solutions and developing programs capable of improving public transport network in Dubai and enhancing the integration of this vital sector. Several strategic initiatives are floated and we just hope that they succeed in hitting their targets and adding to the glittering record of achievements made by Dubai in all sectors & fields,” commented Al Saffar.

The Acting Director of Commercial Transport Activities stressed the importance of timely renewal of vehicle registration and avoiding using them after the expiry of registration, ensuring contracts are made between all parties and maintaining copies of them on board the operated vehicles, avoiding unauthorized activities such as passenger smuggling and practicing tourist transportation through these licenses as tourist transportation is an exclusive independent activity.

Al Saffar touched on the importance of benefiting from the e-services rendered by the RTA (such as license renewal of corporate customers service), and the importance of complying with the directive of the Ministry of Labour asking transport companies to transfer & pay salaries of workers through banks on time. He particularly singled out the importance of checking the soundness of tires as they are crucial for the safety of passengers and avoiding ensuing accidents, especially in mini buses. Al Saffar also highlighted the need of checking the road worthiness of school buses, avoiding excessive speed and ensuring the safety of students of different age groups commuting on board.

For their part the representatives of commercial transport companies commended the ceaseless efforts of Licensing Agency along with the smooth services on offer at all customer service facilities. They also made comments on certain matters relating to the procedures in place and discussed means of improving them.