Licensing Agency offers 500 plates in the 3rd online auction



The Licensing Agency, Roads & Transport Authority is intending to hold the 3rd online auction of distinguished number plates starting January 21 and lasting for a week and the event will see the initial offering of the number plate category (K) in addition to the two categories (G) and (J). There will be about 500 plates in offer comprising various 2-digit and 3-digit number plates of the three said categories.

Commenting on the auction, the Director of Vehicle Licensing, RTA Licensing Agency Mohammed Abdul Kareem Nimaat said: “The Licensing Agency is keen on holding open and online auctions for selling licensing plates in response to the interest shown by various community segments in these auctions, particularly the online auctions which have contributed to saving time and effort in selecting the intended numbers in a handy manner without having to wait or search for long.

“For participating in the 3rd online auction, which will be kicked off on January 21 and continue for a week, it is incumbent on customers to register through RTA portal and the participant is required to have a traffic file opened in Dubai. The UAE citizens intending to take part in the auction who have traffic files in other emirates can open traffic files through RTA Customer Service Centers in Dubai. Each participant has to submit a deposit of 5000 dirham refundable in case no bid is awarded.

“It is imperative for the bidder to pay the outstanding amount within 10 days, otherwise the deposit will be forfeited and the bidder will be blacklisted.

“The deposit can be paid through various means including RTA website (e-payment portal) using a credit card or e-dirham, or through depositing a cheques to the amount of the deposit through Deira Traffic Center. Interested individuals can also communicate with Customer Service Team through dialing the toll-free number 8009090 to obtain more information.