Licensing Agency raises AED12m by auctioning 92 distinguished number plates



The 68th Distinguished Number Plate Auction recently held by Licensing Agency, Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) at the Theatre Hall of RTA Head Office saw a higher public turnout compared to previous auctions, and yielded gross returns as high as 12 million dirham following the selling of 92 distinguished vehicle licensing plates.

8The Auction attracted participation of 120 bidders despite the current global economic meltdown and the fact that many of the targeted citizens and residents are currently spending their summer vacations abroad.

Commenting on the results of the Auction, the CEO of RTA Licensing Agency Ahmed Hashim Bahrozyan said that the Agency offered in the last Auction several number plates highlighted by the two-digit numbers (G 58 and H 91) and the three-digit numbers (J 333 and I 786). These numbers were instrumental in escalating the competition among bidders considering their iconic references to the cultures of some UAE residents, he noted.

“The Auction was preceded by a marketing & promotional drive run by Vehicles Licensing Department in conjunction with RTA Marketing & Corporate Communication Department that included a press release, adverts in Arabic, English and other languages spoken by several UAE residents published in the daily local papers, internal promotional e-mail campaigns to the employees of government departments, distribution of leaflets in malls and car-parks, posting ads in the front of RTA web portal and other electronic means,” elaborated Bahrozyan.

The Auction was associated with a mini blood donation campaign run by Vehicles Licensing Department in cooperation with Blood Donation Center of the Dubai Hospital with the aim of reflecting RTA corporate responsibilities towards various sectors of the community, including patients and injured persons admitted to hospitals.

Worth-mentioning that a Thai delegation visited Licensing Agency on the eve of the Auction to benefit from RTA expertise in organizing distinguished number plate auctions, and attended the Auction proceedings to gain a practical exposure of the expertise gained.