Limitless evaluating bids for light railway system contract


    MEED reported that Limitless is still evaluating bids for the contract to design and build a light railway system at the Downtown Jebel Ali development in Dubai, some 4 months after its bid deadline.

    The local developer said that the falling real estate market in the emirate is to blame for the delay in awarding the project.

    A Limitless spokeswoman said that “We have narrowed the initial list down as part of the tender process but the overall timescale is obviously driven by market conditions. We will share more information when appropriate.”

    The automated light railway system involves the construction of 4 transit lines. Each line will serve one of Downtown Jebel Ali’s 4 zones. Each zone in Jebel Ali will have its own station on the Red Line of the Dubai Metro, which is currently under construction.

    Downtown Jebel Ali will cover 11 kilometers of Sheikh Zayed Road and once complete will house 200,000 people in 326 buildings. Some 237 of the buildings will be residential towers.

    (Sourced from MEED)