Luxury designer lightings for the Dubai Metro supplied by the Czech-based company LASVIT



Two of the ultra-modern Dubai Metro stations may boast impressive decorative lightings supplied by the Czech firm LASVIT.

The first of them is the transfer station where both metro routes cross, Khalid Bin Al Waleed, familiarly known as BurJuman, named after the adjacent shopping mall, and Al Rigga station, located in the centre of the main leisure time and tourist attractions in Dubai.

The Khalid Bin Al Waleed (BurJuman) station features a lighting “gem” designed by Jitka Kamencova Skuhrava, called „WATER“, taking its inspiration from the concept of „energy of a water spring“. The lighting fixture consists of two parts: a base, made of textured bent glass, connected with the central part, a stylized water flow phased into hand-blown hollow glass drops. Both kinds of glass render the natural appearance of organic crystal, while bubbles trapped in the material provide a link between cast sheet glass and moulded glass creating the necessary symbiosis in their mutual connection.

LASVIT has developed a unique light-weight construction for fixing flat glass, discretely hidden so that it does not disturb the pure shapes of the object.

The lighting fixture employs a combination of RGB-based optical fibre and a LED light technologies, which has literally enlivened the items. The utilization of RGB light control technology allows reproduction of the whole range of colours emitted by the lighting fixture, creation of dynamic lighting effects and programming the lighting design sets. Fading shades of blue colour taking turns in time highlight the motif of water element and transform glass into living matter, living organism.

That might be the reason why it was, in a short time, nicknamed “a giant jellyfish” by the public. A monumental sculptural object with the shapes depicted by smooth curves clearly visible from long distance has rightly won the admiration and deserved respect.

Eight (8) pieces of the lighting fixture were delivered, four (4) of which are mounted at one side of the station and the other four (4) are mirror symmetrically placed on the opposite side.

The Al Rigga station interior represents the concept of the element of fire. It involves only red and yellow colour shades and is decorated with four practically identical pieces of lighting sculpture „FIRE“, designed by Katarina Kudejova Fulinova. Colours as well as the lighting fixture shapes further develop a harmony of the colour scale of this natural element.

This sculpture consists of three objects: the Dome, the Sky Ring and the Flame. The Dome is made up of red fused bent-glass mosaic tiles and hand-blown glass. The Sky ring consists of opal-white glass composites, and the Flame, the central part of the entire object, comprises of hand-blown glass parts, all of them original. Assembled together on the metal fixing, the lighting fixture “enlivens” and shines like a blazing fire.

All three objects are sheltered by a skylight above which lets the sunshine in to bright up the opaline part of the Sky ring. At night, the daylight is provided by high-performance LED spotlights, solely utilized in the fourth object, outside the skylight. LEDs also illuminate the inside of the DOME, while in the Flame there are employed halogen lamps.

LASVIT is a dynamic international company based in Prague, the Czech Republic. The company focuses on designing, development and creation of the original design objects made of glass, crystal, precious metals and china.

LASVIT builds on the basis of famous Czech artistic craft traditions, foremost glassmaking, with a history of more than one thousand years. The high standard of LASVIT is based on the amalgam of experience and skilfulness of many generations of Czech glassmakers, technology and procedures proved by history, craft perfection and traditional handicraft, and the creativity of contemporary designers, educated and trained at the best schools of art in this country and abroad. The results of this combination are original artefacts that express the feelings and ideas of our times, but also feature the timeless values typical for classical works of art.

Apart from the Czech Republic, LASVIT runs its art galleries and branches in the noted metropolises across the world such as Hong Kong, Shanghai, Dubai, Singapore or Los Angeles.

Artefacts and special custom-made realizations from company’s production can be seen in private or public collections, or as interior accessories in private residences, theatres, exquisite company facilities, luxury hotels or casinos. LASVIT ( ) boasts famous clients among the most prestigious hotels around the globe such as Four Seasons, Shangri-la, Mandarin Oriental, W, MGM, China World Trade Centre (CWTC) hotel operated by Shangri-la, and also the Kempinski Hybernska Prague, The Prague’s National Theatre and Municipal House.