Makkah Construction project includes 4 metro lines to link Makkah districts to Holy Haram



The Saudi Gazette reported that the Makkah Construction Project includes 4 metro lines and 182 kilometers train system with 88 stations that will link Makkah districts to the Grand Mosque.

Makkah Mayor Dr Osama Fadl Al Bar expects that Makkah train which will be linked to the Holy Sites Train will be operational two years after work begins on the project. The massive effort to improve the Makkah area will include construction of several important roads to ease traffic congestion.

Dr Al Bar who addressed a number of matters related to development projects in the area said that some citizens were mistaken in thinking that the housing project has specifically been created for limited income citizens. This is 100% per business project. All 2,332 residential units will be sold. A small unit will cost SAR 150,000, a medium sized unit will cost SAR 200,000 and a large unit will cost SAR 250,000.

He said that the Phase I of the project will be completed next year and purchasers will be able to make payments on the dwellings. More than 30 residential districts and a complex of government offices will be built on 4 million square meter area on both sides of the Makkah Gate on Makkah Jeddah Highway.

Dr Al Bar explained that five unplanned districts in Makkah will be developed and alternate accommodation will be provided by the developing company to the residents of unplanned districts. These unplanned districts are Al Kidwa and Al Nakasa, Al Sharashif Mountain, Al Zuhoor District, Al Khalidiya District and the district behind the Al Zomorodah Wedding Palace.

He said that the first three unplanned districts will undergo sweeping changes in terms of development while the remaining two will undergo partial development to improve the infrastructure services. A study is being conducted to renovate and modernize Makkah tunnels the work will focus on alarm systems, maintenance, pollution control and other important aspects.